Grooming Aids

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Back Scrubber New

Back Scrubber

Multi-layered pad of white non-allergenic terry cloth with hand loops on each end.   ..

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Extra Long Toe Nail Scissors New

Extra Long Toe Nail Scissors

The moulded finger and thumb grip on these Toenail scissors allow easier gripping and greater lev..

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Foot Scrubber New

Foot Scrubber

Easy Grip is a line of quality stainless steel grooming tools designed specifically for arthritis..

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Long Bath Sponge New

Long Bath Sponge

A thick polyfoam sponge attached to a 24" offset acrylic handle with a non-slip plastic grip..

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Table Top Hair Dryer Holder New

Table Top Hair Dryer Holder

This hands free hair dryer holder is designed to save time and energy. ..

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Toe Nail Clipper New

Toe Nail Clipper

Made from quality chrome plated German steel. ..

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