Rental Service


 Products List (Under Construction)

Instructions / Note

  • Choose the product as per your requirement.
  • Book the product- you will have to pay the booking fees online and also indicate the number of days you require the equipment for.
  • You will get a phone call confirming your requirements and delivery details.
  • You will also be informed about the terms, security deposit & advance rental required.
  • The equipment gets delivered and the delivery man will collect the security deposit and advance rental from you. The security deposit is usually 30 days advance rental.
  • After the rental period the equipment will be recovered from your premises and the security deposit returned.
  • In case you wish to extend the rental period please call up two days before the expiry of the rental period and inform the Service Provider about the same. Some will collect the additional rental in advance for the next rental period from you.
  • In case the equipment is not available, booking amount will be refunded with in 48 hours on non-availability confirmation. Usually you will be informed about non availability with in 1 hours by the service provider.
  • Refunds, equipment damage etc.
    • Under no circumstance, advance rental will be refunded once it has been booked for a certain number of the days.
    • In case of any equipment damage due to usage, the Service Provider reserves the right to recover the same from the security deposit.
  • For more information call : +91-7373005016 from 11 am – 6 pm, Monday – Saturday.
  • The reverse pickup process.
    • Customer calls to information that the treatment is done
    • We calculate the number of days of treatment.
    • The total charges including rental and drop/pickup charges are calculated and informed to the customer.
    • After confirmation about charges and pickup time, the product can be picked up and returned to office or transferred to another patient
  • Rental of Equipment - Only with in Trichy.